Before Midnight: Very True Romance

May 23, 2013


Director Richard Linklater’s first two Before movies represented the types of romantic scenarios you dream of when you’re young—meeting the right person at an unexpected-but-perfect time and falling in love (Before Sunrise, 1995) and then encountering them again nine years later (Before Sunset, 2004), only to find that everything you felt before was not just genuine but was still alive; a fire that somehow burned through nine years of nights, stoked only by memories.

The third movie in Linklater’s series, the less joyous but even more incisive Before Midnight, exposes the underbelly of romance and not just the kind of idealized pairing that involves walks through the moonlight in Vienna and sunsets in Paris, but something more universal. It’s the counterpoint of reality to those earlier cinematic dreams. Picking up nearly a decade after the teasingly ambitious end of SunsetMidnight takes on the resentments…

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