The 10 Best End-Of-School Movies

June 26, 2013

Ha! Great choices!

Thought Catalog

I’ve been out of high school for almost ten years now and yet I still have an affinity for watching these movies. Is it because I loved and really miss high school? God no – absolutely not. It’s because I remember watching some of these when I was in middle school and really, really anticipating my high school years and hoping they’d be something like these movies. They were not. But that’s cool, ‘cause, as it tends to, life gets a lot better once you turn 21. In so many respects. But that’s another post.

You may not agree with some of these choices since, you know, you’re a human with opinions of your own, so be forewarned.

10. With Honors

Considering that I haven’t seen this movie in possibly fifteen years, it still deserves to be list-worthy. When I was a kid I was bold enough to list it…

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