33 Ways to Stay Creative

July 9, 2013

This list is good —

Get It, Girl

Not entirely sure how I came across this list, but it’s been hanging at my desk for awhile. I now need the real estate for something else, and I wanted to be sure I had this list in a place where I could easily access it. I find it helpful to remind myself of some of these items on a semi-regular basis (lookin’ at you, #24 and #29!).

1. Make lists

2. Carry a notebook everywhere

3. Try free writing

4. Get away from the computer

5. Be otherworldly

6. Quit beating yourself up

7. Take breaks

8. Sing in the shower (got this one DOWN!)

9. Drink coffee/tea

10. Know your roots

11. Listen to new music

12. Be open

13. Surround yourself with creative people

14. Get feedback

15. Collaborate

16. Don’t give up

17. Practice, practice, practice

18. Allow yourself to make mistakes

19. Go somewhere new

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