All’s Fair in Love: CW’s life 1908-1939

July 15, 2013

I forgot to re-post the second and third installments of this Charles Williams bio. Fascinating, intriguing, and well-written!

The Oddest Inkling

Last week we looked at CW’s childhood and early life. Next week we will discuss his final, most prolific years, 1939-1945. Today we examine the first phase of his career, 1908-1939. Please send me any questions you have about his life, and I will attempt to answer them in these posMichal costumets.

In 1908 Williams’ life changed drastically. He began work at the Oxford University Press on the 9th of June, and he met Florence Conway at a children’s party in December. The picture at the right shows Florence in pageant costume.

When Williams began work at the Oxford University Press, he found his life’s calling. He continAmenHouseOxfordued to work for the Press until the day he died, working his way up from a lowly temporary proof-reader to a senior editor. The Press embodied everything he loved most: order, hard work, literary excellence, camaraderie, hierarchy, courtesy. He transformed…

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