Three brief thoughts about myth

July 19, 2013


“Myths are things that never happened, but always are.” — Sallustius*

“is-ness of the was” — Nicholas Berdyaev*

“What flows into you from the myth is not truth but reality (truth is always about something, but reality is that about which truth is), and, therefore, every myth becomes the father of innumerable truths on the abstract level. Myth is the mountain whence all the different streams arise which become truths down here in the valley; in hac valle abstractionis [“In this valley of separation”]. Or, if you prefer, myth is the isthmus which connects the peninsular world of thought with that vast continent we really belong to. It is not, like truth, abstract; nor is it, like direct experience, bound to the particular.” — C.S. Lewis, in “Myth Became Fact”

*quoted in “The Myth-ing Link (Or, Linking Up to Myth)” by Pamelyn Casto in The Rose Metal…

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