21 Crappy Movies Streaming On Netflix You Should Stay Far, Far Away From

September 5, 2013

Thought Catalog

There are a lot of great and interesting films on Neftlix that will change your life. They will expand your mind and teach you how to feel things you don’t know how to feel. However, these movies are not those movies.

1. The Dictator

Do you like incessant rape jokes? How about watching Sacha Baron Cohen slum it while ruining everything you liked about Borat in a painfully unfunny movie that again wastes the lovely Anna Faris? If you want to laugh, just watch The House Bunny instead. It’s a lot better than you remember. Can Anna Faris have a career now?

2. One for the Money

The worst movie Katherine Heigl has ever made in a career filled with bad movies, this movie makes the beach read books they’re based on look like masterpieces. Nothing in this movie (which looks like it was filmed from inside of an anus)…

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