31 Days of Halloween: Day 8 “Richard Matheson”

October 8, 2013



~post by Joe T.

On June 23rd of this year, Richard Matheson died. He probably ranks up there with H.P. Lovecraft as being one of the most influential horror writers of the 20th century. On his death, Stephen King wrote:  “He fired my imagination by placing his horrors not in European castles and Lovecraftian universes, but in American scenes I knew and could relate to. ‘I want to do that,’ I thought. ‘I must do that.’ ” George Romero has gone on record multiple times talking about how Matheson’s iconic vampire novel I Am Legend was the inspiration for his groundbreaking zombie movie Night of the Living Dead.

Richard Matheson, like another horror/speculative fiction writer Charles Beaumont, was perhaps most famous for being a writer on Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone where many of his short stories were turned into episodes. He also wrote the novels Hell House, the…

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