‘Hard-boiled stories’ in a nutshell

May 17, 2014

“The hard-boiled stories, in print and on screen, focus on the detective at his job which usually turns into an obscure game of intrigues, doubles-crossings and traps which the detective falls into. His desire for truth is a challenge to his reason, feelings (ethical code) and body – he takes the beating ‘like a man’. He wants to escape and make sense of this nightmarish world, he does not know who is playing him, and he is alone because he does not trust anybody. The person who lures him into this dangerous game is the femme fatale – beautiful, deadly, manipulative woman – who acts as a helpless victim so the detective should save her.”  
— Veronika Pituková, in “Clash of Desires: Detective vs. Femme Fatale


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