Mythcon, ahoy!

July 9, 2014

Heads up!


This August I will be attending Mythcon 45, the annual convention of the Mythopoeic Society, a leading international organization for fans and scholars of the Inklings and fantasy studies. The conference will be held at Wheaton College, MA, and will focus on “where fantasy fits” in history, literature, and popular culture. Having recently gone through a time of transition, I doubted that I would be able to attend, which was hugely frustrating given the fact that the conference is within driving distance for me (a rare occurrence). Recently, however, I discovered that I will be able to attend after all. My podcasting co-host, fellow Signum University student, and fellow blogger Curtis Weyant asked me to write up a few thoughts about what I was looking forward to at Mythcon for a newsletter that he is editing for the Mythgard Institute, which got me thinking about my…

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