Even after its offices were bombed in 2011, Charlie Hebdo kept its sense of humor

January 7, 2015


The Charlie Hebdo cover immediately after the 2011 bombing of its offices. If your offices had been bombed by Islamic extremists, what would your choice of cover be?

The first cover after the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris were bombed by Islamic extremists in 2011? “LOVE IS STRONGER THAN HATE.”

The cover included, as you might have noticed, a Charlie Hebdo satirist and a Muslim man engaged in a very juicy kiss. You might not have noticed the background, where apparently the remains of the office smolder.

That’s devotion to satire as a cause.

Today’s attack on Charlie Hebdo‘s offices brought nausea to my stomach and tears to my eyes. In the minds of some, the only response to a satirical attack of paper and ink is a violent claim of authority made with bullets and bloodshed.

A violent, horrific, murderous claim of authority.

France hasn’t always been the best example of a free society, but perhaps the existence of Charlie…

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