Every Day Awe: Stacy Murison on Brian Doyle

November 29, 2016

While LiturgicalCredo.com remains in limbo, I thought you might like this:

Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies

BrianDoyleABookofUncommonPrayerI have a confession. On my very best days, I consider myself agnostic. Most days I throw my hat in with the atheists. But when my mentor and friend recommended I read Doyle’s A Book of Uncommon Prayer, I was beside myself, already in a quandary. Do I tell her? The title alone would have turned me away. Worse, it then became required reading for her class. How could I look her in the eye ever again if I didn’t read the book? I dreamed for weeks of a different set of circumstances where the book had been given to me as a gift, from someone who didn’t know me well. I would politely thank the giver and recycle it at my local used book store, spine un-cracked, ready to be filed under “Religion.”

The problem is, the spine is now cracked, the pages dog-eared, and there is simply too…

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