By Ivan Jenson

Reality Chick

after I
the harsh
known as truth
I was confronted
by an intervention
of nothingness
that would have
so I knew
I had to
fake it
to make it
out of that
internal rut
so I forced
to smile
and the
next thing
I knew
that turned
out to be

Bill of Health

I act like we
are on the
same page
like I know
just what you mean
like I have been there
or done that
but the truth is
we are different
in fundamental ways
you came out
the right way
and I came out
of left field
you have a handle
on the way things are
I have lost
my grip
and wish everything
could have turned out
you have successfully
conformed to society’s
set standards and have
succeeded beautifully
and yet you find
the time to
touch my heart
with a stethoscope
that is…

Naked Eye

some are ignored
when they bow on stage
others have a rapt audience
when they bend over
to pick up their purse
some people bomb
with lame
knock knock jokes
while others
use dumb luck
to make lovers laugh
all the way to
their bed
bath and beyond
some invest a fortune
in Miami properties
that turn out to be
alligator swamps
while others
are perfectly happy
to live paycheck
to bounced check
and some
get all hot under
the collar
the littlest things
while others
play it smart
and are patient
knowing that
will be
in the end
like a burlesque
strip tease

What a Waste

where are you going
with this
are you going to
package it
test it
on the marketplace
or are you going
to fold it up
and pocket it
and forget about it
only to discover it
later washed
and dried
and no longer
or maybe
you are going
to give it
to somebody
to have it
and changed
so that more
people can
relate to it
yet somehow
you know
that this will
only diminish
its inherent
in any case
if you don’t
want it
I will
gladly take
your talent

Higher Ability

if you are saying that
after sacrificing Friday
and Saturday nights
to put my nose
to the grindstone
after burning
a candelabra of candles
at both ends
as well as a couple of bridges
falling down
after burying my head
in my studies rather
than my feet in the sand
after saying no thanks
to mixed drinks because
I didn’t want to mix
business with pressure
after reading stuffy classics
in stuffy rooms
rather than racy paperbacks
at the race tracks
after gambling on my future
instead of on the triple crown
horse-hoofed gallop
of just enjoying
the moment
that I have lost my bet
on the hunch
of my own human
well then
I would say you
are just another
as a job


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