By Carolyn Agee

You got cancer.  I didn’t call.
I became obsessed with creating Christmas cards,
finding the perfect verse to say, “Peace on Earth”,
but the Prince of Peace came and ransomed
and we’re still dealing with this shit.
The perfect family with straw and stars.
Blond, blue-eyed Jesus, because Jesus can’t look Jewish,
at least, not in the minds of greeting card companies,
so I make it myself.
And the angel?  She’s akin to a unicorn
farting rainbows in this fairytale scene.
In the real world, mangers reek
and angels don’t have wings.


One Response to “God With Us”

  1. […] Carolyn Agee is an actress and internationally published poet living in the Pacific Northwest. Her recent credits include Petrichor Machine, Perspectives Magazine, and A Flame in the Dark. Read Agee’s poem “God With Us.” […]

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