By Peter Tetro
Toss and turn
re-arrange the sheets
check the clock’s luminescent glow
rushing it futile
as time has slowed
to each unexpected sound
house creaking
street side whispers amplified
far off emergency wailings
soothing train whistles
each magnified
to impress the fertile mind
probing penetrations
tautological dead-end suppositions
endlessly re-cycling the non-answers
while not a pee trip
nor fridge trek and peek
eliminates the absence of sleep.
Time to risk a new pattern
while the whole being struggles,
bountiful distractions
unwilling to be set aside
replaced by an ampler focus:
simple prayer
learned at a parent’s knee
or mouthed in a weekly congregation
The dawning of peaceful repose
may still remain distant
yet, calling upon the Almighty
to spread a healing-hand
of Divine mercy
upon others
in the global village
millions in pain
beyond ever dreaming of a quiet bower
clean sheets
insulated bed
with only imagined threats
for night long company,
soothes the inner core
slipping into sleep
appreciated only on awakening
closer to the new day’s light.
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One Response to “Insomnia and Prayer”

  1. Hello Peter,

    Much appreciate this meditation on insomnia, since I have had it for long, and also came eventually to praying.

    I especially like your counterpoint use of abstract terms (like “tautological dead-end suppositions”) with plain words (while not a pee trip nor fridge trek and peek).

    Also enjoyed the ethical call in the latter part of the poem.

    And some of the slant rhyme and alliteration.

    In the Light,
    Daniel Wilcox

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