By Peter Tetro
My Soul is androgynous
a Jungian anima/animus
entwined in an ongoing embrace
inseparable strands
imaging their Creator
cohabitating this body
unmistakably masculine or feminine
that senses but half of self within
ill informed
while seeking its other
perforce in another
equally uninformed
still only half
till both remain dissatisfied
whenever they’re apart.

Questing wholeness
life’s long task
briefly tasted in the sexual embrace
fleetingly at that moment
past present consciousness
when the heavens are breached
in the throes of that passion
and the blinding white light
the Creator’s
their shadows in full embrace
to maintain the quest
preferably with no other
than the one with whom
they’ve just been enjoined
to inform the face of their bond
in the babe perhaps conceived.
To manipulate
to press for dominance
one or the other
mere shadows
leads to insensitive blindness
splitting the ethereal helix
to mere flesh equivalents
that then only strut
declare themselves god or goddess
to evermore sit in judgement
the sight of a mere half of what it is to be
pushing blindly the burden upwards.
Intoxicating first embraces
lose intensity in the familiar
preoccupied by the needs of daily life,
in a world populated by all others,
caring and nurturing the offspring
created between the two
babe or creative enterprise
that new life infused with
male and female flesh
their undeniable shadows.
Through the years of faithful love
beneath the eternal aegis
the earlier shadows
become more discernable
less subject to misinterpretation
more substantive
to reveal the limits of that physical half
each engenders alone.
The shadows are androgynous
whole unto themselves
and it is only the incompleteness
of our physical nature
which compels us to quest
that other-than-the-self
with whom to create the moments
when that shadow of the Soul
is brought to light
in a nanosecond of insight
that moment of climax
when one is at one with the All
whether in a sexual bed
or a moment of transcendental vision
wrapped in the mysteries of Creation.


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