LiturgicalCredo is going straight for the well-worn phoenix simile. We’re not even going to apologize.

We will publish a new edition this fall, and we’re accepting submissions from July 2 to July 31.

We think we have a really cool “About” page, so please read it.

Then, learn what and how to submit.

We will rise like the phoenix to publish again. You can send us that peculiar griffin from your imagination.


A griffin in the Vatican Museum, Vatican City, Italy has a new editorial mission: contemporary mythopoeia, parables, fables, and fairy tales of 300-500 words in the forms of flash fiction, poems, and brief nonfiction.

New myths, parables, fables, and fairy tales allow storytellers to work with archetypal characters as well as fantastical settings. As enduring genres, they give writers economical modes of re-imagining contemporary conflicts, relationships, habits, assumptions, and beliefs.

In these modes, perceptive storytellers force us to find new grips on reality by showing us situations more true to our lifelong inner experiences than our moment-to-moment workaday lives. The best handle on life, we realize, is not quite where we thought it was.

Please see our About and Submit pages for more information about our mission and guidelines.


David R. Cravens received his undergraduate degree in philosophy at the University of Missouri and his master’s degree in English literature from Southeast Missouri State University. He was the recipient of the 2008 Saint Petersburg Review Prize in Poetry, the 2011 Bedford Poetry Prize, and was a finalist for Ohio State University’s The Journal William Allen Creative Nonfiction Contest. His work has also appeared in Ontologica: A Journal of Art and Thought, EarthSpeak Magazine, The Houston Literary Review, Albatross Poetry Journal, The Monarch Review, The Interpreter’s House, Willows Wept Review, The New Writer Magazine, Poetic Diversity, Red River Review, and is forthcoming in War, Literature & the Arts. He teaches composition and literature at Mineral Area College.

Read “Poïesis.”

Read “Lay.”

Eleanor Leonne Bennett, who has published several photographs in LiturgicalCredo, is the featured artist in Issue 41 of Brevity, an online journal of brief nonfiction.

One of our personal favorite Bennett photos in the current Brevity accompanies “Green Light” by Sven Birkerts.

See a short bios of Bennett here and here.

Amanda Morris

July 21, 2012

Please read our latest work of creative nonfiction, “Andromeda,” by Amanda Morris. Morris is former managing editor and nonfiction reader for TriQuarterly Online. She is a science writer and publications editor in Northwestern University’s Office for Research. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Illinois where she received the Bill Geist Award for Broadcast Journalism in 2002. She is now pursuing an MA in creative nonfiction at Northwestern. Her writing has appeared in Triquarterly, CenterPiece Magazine, the Evanston TribLocal, Chicago Sun-Times,, Yahoo News,, Huffington Post, and the website for the National Science Foundation.

Dear friends, writers, and fellow CLMP members,

In his book Human Action, Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises wrote, “…to live implies both imperfection and change.”

With that, I will announce an (undoubtedly) imperfect decision to make an exciting change.

LiturgicalCredo will become an online journal of creative nonfiction written in the first person. We’ll consider all varieties of creative nonfiction of 1,000 words or less.

Of course, we will maintain all previously published poems and short stories on our site, at the same website addresses, so writers who have published in LiturgicalCredo need not fear the disappearance of their works and publishing credits.

I’m enthusiastic about this well-defined niche for online publishing. Then again, I found the decision difficult – and admittedly put it off for too long – because we have had numerous poetry submissions.

However, this new focus better fits my professional background, my graduate education, and my resources. I’m an ex-newspaper guy who loves a well-written personal essay, as well as memoir, cultural criticism, and experimental nonfiction.

Please let other writers and CLMP members know about this opportunity for publishing nonfiction (address submissions to

To my fellow CLMP members, if I can help you with Facebook page “likes,” Twitter “retweets,” or blog links, just let me know. I’m also available on LinkedIn.

All the best for your continued writing and publishing success,

Colin Burch
Editor & Publisher
Personal Twitter: @cfburch4
Publication Twitter: @liturgicalcredo

Carolyn Agee

January 31, 2012

Carolyn Agee is an actress and internationally published poet living in the Pacific Northwest. Her recent credits include Petrichor Machine, Perspectives Magazine, and A Flame in the Dark. Read Agee’s poem “God With Us.”

Brett Foster

January 2, 2012

Brett Foster’s first book of poetry, The Garbage Eater, was published last year with Triquarterly Books / Northwestern UP. Foster’s writing has lately appeared in Ascent, Atlanta Review, Books & Culture, Crab Orchard Review, First Things, Green Mountains Review, IMAGE, Kenyon Review, Pleiades, and Seattle Review. Foster teaches creative writing and Renaissance literature at Wheaton College. Read his poems “Inspirited, and Then Some” and “Request Overheard on a Car Radio.”

Elizabeth Swann

October 22, 2011

Elizabeth Swann earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Queens University in Charlotte. Recent publications include in Southern Poetry Review, Penwood Review, storySouth, Southern Women’s Review, Red Clay Review, and the anthology Luck; A Collection of Fact, Fiction, Incantation and Verse. She was a finalist in the Guy Owen Prize, 2009. Read her poems “Portraits of Magdalene, The Masters’ View,” “At The Hospital,” “Rain,” “Casting,” “Spectrum,” and “Archaeopteryx.”

Ezra Chang

September 25, 2011

Ezra Chang is an Asian-American student living in the suburbs of Chicago. His work is inspired by the contact of faith and culture with the pavement of life. Read Chang’s “Litany of the Goats” and “Kingdom Come.”

Steve Kissing published three poems with us. More recently, he published One Per Customer (second story on the page) in Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine. It’s worth reading!

Mike Sauve

December 20, 2010

A graduate of Ryerson Journalism, Mike Sauve has written non-fiction for The National Post, The Toronto International Film Festival Group, Exclaim Magazine and other publications.  His fiction has appeared online in Rivets Literary Magazine, Forge Journal, Candlelight Stories, Straitjackets Magazine, Eastown Fiction, the humour journal Feathertale and elsewhere.  Upcoming stories will appear in print in Palimpsest and Infinity’s Kitchen. Read his short story “Would You Please Be Less Terrible, Please?”

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