LiturgicalCredo is accepting submissions for the Winter 2016 Edition through Dec. 2, 2015. The edition will be released on Dec. 15, 2015.

See the How To Submit page and About page for more details.

LiturgicalCredo is going straight for the well-worn phoenix simile. We’re not even going to apologize.

We will publish a new edition this fall, and we’re accepting submissions from July 2 to July 31.

We think we have a really cool “About” page, so please read it.

Then, learn what and how to submit.

We will rise like the phoenix to publish again. You can send us that peculiar griffin from your imagination.


A griffin in the Vatican Museum, Vatican City, Italy has a new editorial mission: contemporary mythopoeia, parables, fables, and fairy tales of 300-500 words in the forms of flash fiction, poems, and brief nonfiction.

New myths, parables, fables, and fairy tales allow storytellers to work with archetypal characters as well as fantastical settings. As enduring genres, they give writers economical modes of re-imagining contemporary conflicts, relationships, habits, assumptions, and beliefs.

In these modes, perceptive storytellers force us to find new grips on reality by showing us situations more true to our lifelong inner experiences than our moment-to-moment workaday lives. The best handle on life, we realize, is not quite where we thought it was.

Please see our About and Submit pages for more information about our mission and guidelines.


We’re having some temporary problems which have led to (A) quite a few recent emails going unread, and (B) our main site being temporarily down. Please stay tuned. We’ll be back next week! And if you’ve sent an email submission during the past 3 months, please send it again this coming Tuesday, March 4.¬†By then, we should have everything sorted out. We beg your patience.

Editor’s note

September 26, 2010

LiturgicalCredo is moving to a new publishing format. Instead of having seasonal editions, we will hold ongoing, open submissions, and we will update the site with new work as frequently as possible.

That being said, LiturgicalCredo occasionally will publish special themed editions with limited submission dates.

Writers may submit their works to However, please read several previously published works before submitting.

New work will start appearing on our home page soon!

The Montreal-based literary magazine carte blanche — a fellow member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses — announced a call for submissions yesterday. For more information, go here.

And if you’ve found this post through a Web search, we invite you to visit our home page.

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