Three poems by Duane Locke.

Immobile Among the Mobility of the Immobile

Blue eye divided
By crack,
The black spiral
Like s shape across
Silver surface,
A mirror
With a memory of a mother superior.
The other eye,
Perhaps spoken pink like in a Picasso,
blindfolded, beneath drape of a
Floating shadow from a herd
Of heard boudoir words
In roughness of lacy ruffles
And grandpa’s flintrock rifles.
I sit at the other end, more dark, of the
Empty room,
A closed door, bolted
By boredom of budgets,
Box scores and box offices—I
Suspended by the deceptions
Of a borrowed language.
Outside, beyond, bound by frame,
A vapor,
Not lip shaped
And red,
As promised
By Magritte and art A vapor waving
A blank flag.

The Present at Present is Enough

Green porcelain cat, curled
Décor, a spiral of leaves,
Green and leaf darkened
By reflections
From another green porcelain cat,
Curled with a spiral of leaves.
Two bookends without books.
No meows,
No purrs,
No rubs.
Cognac in glass is gold,
A moment of green and gold,
Or gold and green.
Or gold.

There is a Guava Outside in the Garden

The window’s blank glass
Is stained with an angel.,
A Fra Angelico flat red dress
Angel, yellow curled hair.
The glass had become opaque,
Shutting out the grass, the hibiscus.
My life is reduced to a flat red,
Mystic yellow curled hair.


Duane Locke lives hermetically by ancient oak, an underground stream, and an osprey’s nest in rural Lakeland, Florida. He has, as of December 2009, 6,456 different poems published in print magazines, American Poetry Review, Nation ,etc. and e zines, Counter Example Poetics, Pen Himalaya (Nepal) and 21 books of poems. His three latest books, 2009, are Yang Chu’s Poems (376 pp.), Crossing Chaos, Canada (order from publisher or Amazon); Voices from a Grave (40 pp.) erbacce, England (order from erbacce); and Soliloquies from a High Wall Hidden Cemetery (37 pp.) Differentia Press, California (Free download, .


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