By John Thomas Clark

Neither can the professional poxman1

nor anyone – a confessional boxman2

explain it. As you age out and grow old

you know, with each year, your dice grow cold

and you can’t pass them. Your bummed out toll

worsens. The number of your come-out roll3

eludes everyone as your muscle loss

saps your arms, your legs, you. With each toss

of a calendar year no one can anoint

the reason. No one understands your point4,

but you know now, the world’s a casino,

and answers to your loaded5 amino

won’t grow out of some theistic taproot,

and so you’ve appointed life a cosmic crapshoot.


1professional poxman – a doctor

2confessional boxman – a priest

3come-out roll – the initial dice roll before a point is established

4point – If a winning number of 7 or 11, or a losing number of 2,3, or 12 is not thrown on the come-out roll, then the number 4,5,6,8,9, or 10 is the shooter’s point; he has to throw that number to win.

5loaded – as with crooked dice – tampered with

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2 Responses to “What’s Your Point?”

  1. […] Read Clark’s poem “What’s Your Point?” here. […]

  2. Tom is a master with words, rhyme, and rhythm. Always a pleasure.


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